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Air Chair and Hammock Caution:
Falling and Strangulation Hazard! Hammocks and Air Chairs can be unstable. Be careful entering and exiting your airchair or hammock as injury may result. Children can become entangled in airchair or hammock strings. Do not leave children unattended in hammocks or airchairs. Airchair/Hammock distributors and manufactures, are NOT liable for setup. It is very important to set up airchairs and hammocks with care and use in a safe manner.

If you prefer, please call our office at 607 382 5322 or email, we are always happy to talk with you about our airchair options!

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NOTICE: no refunds ...exchanges only

Please Note Airchair Color Preferences On Orders!

**We do not ship outside of the United States - We only ship to the lower 48 States

All Sharp Colors!
approximate colors below)
Burgundy Chocolate Charcoal Forest Green, Lawn Green, Lime Green Navy Blue Black Sand Brown Bisque Camo Purple Multi-Color

*RepCode (OPTIONAL) allows you to give sale credit to a specific Airchair Sales Representative.

Great Air Chairs

Air Chair Deck Air Chair Deck ...Padded / attached foot rest $189 plus $25 SH
Air Chair Hammock Rope Chair Air Chair Hammock Rope Chair ...$129 plus $20 SH
Air Chair Lounger with Hanging Foot Rest Air Chair Lounger with Hanging Foot Rest ...(with wooden arms) $299 plus $25 SH
Air Chair Love Seat Lounger Air Chair Love Seat Lounger ...$399 plus $45 SH
Quality Materials and Construction!
Air Chair Original Air Chair Original ...The king of airchairs! Head rest, drink holder, magazine holder & detached foot rest all included! $149 plus $20 SH
All colors in stock at this time!
Air Chair Wicker Lounger Air Chair Wicker Lounger ...The Wicker Air Chair is an extended leg lounger chair. This chair is the newest addition of a new wave of chairs coming . They come in Forrest green, Navy Blue, Chocolate, Burgundy, Biscuit and they are made with a new anti-fading 600 by 600 denier UV treated NYOLN material.
$398 plus $35 SH
Roman Arch with Loveseat Roman Arch with Loveseat ... ...includes both the Roman Arch and the Love Seat
$895 plus $95 shipping and handling

Hanger/Frame/Stands - high quality

C Frame C Frame ...(only available in Black) $269 plus $45 SH
Truck Trailer Hitch Stand Truck Trailer Hitch Stand ...(only available in Black) $189 plus $35 SH


Parachute Hammock ...$79.95 (includes straps and carabiners to hang the hammock) plus $10 SH

REPAIR & PROTECT YOUR AIR CHAIR ...AirChair Parts & Accessories

SHIPPING --> Ground Shipping and Handling to the 48 Contiginous United States.
*Email for international shipping quotes.

Please email or call if you need additional shipping information.

The Airchair Company, nor any representative, distributor, sales person or retailer is liable for setup or misuse (ie, swing, etc).

No refunds ...exchanges only

If you are ordering for a resort, place of business, etc., we can install them for you for a nominal fee.

We only ship with in the lower 48 States

Wholesale bulk orders / Dealer inquires

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