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HAMMOCKS - relaxing & portable

Our hammock is made of a very strong colorful nylon that folds up into is own attached mini-pouch (about 4"x6"x6"). Strap it between 2 trees or posts, and relax!

Parachute Nylon Travel Hammock

Orange/Gray --- Olive Green/Blue --- Olive Green/Tan --- Light Green/Dark Green

This parachute nylon hammock holds one adult and is made of high-strength, mildew-resistant, anti-rot design, parachute quick-dry nylon silk material with extra stitching on all weight-bearing points. The weight capacity is 440 lbs or 220 kg with 2000 lb rated carabiners. The attached stuff sack weighs just over 1 pound with the hammock inclosed. Great for afternoon relaxation or a night sky viewing! Setting, relaxing & sleeping. See Hammock Instructions.

Parachute Double - Nylon Travel Hammock
Each hammock comes with two high-strength mountaineering carabiners and will hold two adults.

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