The Original AirChair, Hang in comfort (hammock chair / gravity chair) Take it anywhere

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TYPES OF AIR CHAIRS - all comfortable options!


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Our chair features double layer of 600 grade dyner nylone with a gramit to drain water from the seat, and the chair is water proof, unlike lower priced cotton chairs. Nylon lasts! That is why we offer a two year factory warranty to back up are product.

Air Chair Wicker Lounger in Chocolate

New Addition!

The Hanging Chair

Air Chair Original

The king of airchairs! Head rest, drink holder, magazine holder & detached foot rest all included!

The Hanging Chair

Air Chair Lounger

cushioned chair with detached foot rest & s-shaped wooden arms

Hanging Air Chair

Air Chair Deck

Padded air chair with attached foot rest

Hanging Air Chair

Air Chair Hammock

Hanging Air Chair

Air Chair Love Seat Lounger

A seat for two, with the Roman Arch Stand

Roman Arch  Air Chair

Roman Arch  Air Chair

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