The Air Chair

The Air Chair of airchairs!

All airchairs are not created equal. This airchair and its accessories are made with very strong, durable, uv resistant, nylon cloth and rope; which outlasts cotton, canvas, and other textiles. The chair with the complete array of accessories, (arm rests, foot rest, beverage holder, rope brakes – to help you with the chair tilt feature and installation hardware), are all included in one comfortable price.

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The Air Chair is Very Comfortable!

The seating area is constructed in such a way that when you are seated, the chair gives you a complete support feel. In addition, the airchair can quickly be adjusted between “sit up” or “lay back” positions. The simplistic, but unique, design of the Air Chair, allows for this by simple adjustment of the nylon rope in two locations. This airchair even includes markers/stops which are mounted on the nylon rope to help you adjust the chair evenly.

Enjoy hanging in the air chair in the comfort of your home… or maybe in the sky on your deck, porch, campsite, beach, garden, terrace, balcony, patio… or under that perfect tree. Going wireless with your laptop computer? Browse the web in your airchair. These cool chairs are totally relaxing and very colorful!

In addition to hanging from a ceiling, the Air Chair may also be used outside. This may be achieved by hanging the airchair from a tree limb, patio or by using the airchair frame!