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The Airchair Company, nor any representative, distributor, sales person or retailer is liable for setup or misuse (ie, swing, etc).

One Year Warranty
..No refunds - Exchanges only
..Warranty is voided if product is left outdoors year round.

..If for some unknown reason, a return is permitted with an opened product, 75% restocking fees apply and the customer is responsible for return shipping.

We do not ship outside of the United States. For the Lower 48 States, shipping is included. There is a flat rate of $150 to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Air Chair and Hammock Caution:
Falling and Strangulation Hazard! Hammocks and Air Chairs can be unstable. Be careful entering and exiting your airchair or hammock as injury may result. Children can become entangled in airchair or hammock strings. Do not leave children unattended in hammocks or airchairs. Airchair/Hammock distributors and manufactures, are NOT liable for setup. It is very important to set up airchairs and hammocks with care and use in a safe manner.

WARRANTY NOTICE: Before purchasing a less expensive air chair from another company, please remember that quality does often cost more and some large online companies may not offer the same personal customer service and warranty follow-up.

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