Huge thank you for sending the replacement parts
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for sending the replacement parts so quickly. I've gotten the chair put back together and am loving how relaxing it is to sit there. So happy that I bought one of your chairs. Great product and great customer service. Many thanks! Megan

Back for More
This was the 6th chair we bought and we are always treated with respect and we will be back to purchase more .. Best chairs EVER!!!

Childhood Memories
Hello, I just wanted to reach out and say you have a fantastic product. I'm 29 years old now but as a kid, we had an Air Chair and it was one of the top highlights of my childhood. All the neighborhood kids would come around and want to try it out. My dad attached it to a big, sturdy branch way up high in the redwood tree in our front yard, and we would swing (from a child's perspective) high in the sky and always felt safe and secure given the design of the chair. I recently visited a friend's new house out in the woods and, remembering how much fun these chairs are, I insisted they buy one. This led me to searching for your company online. I found knock-off's on Amazon, and went to look at the reviews which showed broken wooden bars, ripped fabric, and all sorts of safety issues. Then went back to google, searched for "air chair", and voila! There was your website. In a time where so many quality brands are snuffed out of existence by the Amazons and Walmarts of the world, it was refreshing to see the official Air Chair business was still around. I sent links to your website to a bunch of my friends and plan to purchase one of your chairs as soon as I have a house of my own (still apartment living for now). Thank you SO much for making high quality products and giving me some of my most cherished childhood memories. I love the Air Chair. Sincerely, Katie

Service & Warranty
Quality Products with customer service and warranty!

Love The Loveseat!
Just got another! ...Debra

Replacement Parts
I needed a replacement for a chair that broke. Service was friendly, quick and thorough

Patio Chair
This is the most comfortable patio chair I have ever sat in.

We Honor Warranties
Not all Airchairs are created equally, just as not all online companies when it comes to warranties. We honor our warranties and can be reached by one phone call.

Enjoying Immensely
Thank you so much for my order love my 4 chairs and am enjoying them immensely. Their is such a difference from the cheaper ones will never do that again. Christine

Imitations Suffer
I was so happy with your chairs I knew I had to find the exact same thing and that meant the original. Ours had the airchair logo and I kept searching until I found it. Then watched the compare ours to theirs video and I knew I’d found out chairs! Friends have purchased chairs “like ours” and none of them have held up at all. I’ve told countless people who have visited over the years, that they need to get an Air Chair with the logo like the one on ours. Needless to say, imitations definitely suffer in comparison.

Thanks so much for sending the springs. It's great doing business with someone that is honest and a person of their word. Thank you again and I wish you much success ...Mike

Ridiculously Comfortable!
Great for when my lower back is in pain, but then I do not want to get up! ...Billy

Screened Porch
I purchased two air chairs last year and my screened porch has finally been completed enough to hang them Today! OMG….even better than I remembered. I might even sleep here! I will highly recommend. Thank you! Deb

Quality First

Hi Joe, I believe we purchased 2 deluxe wood loungers from you at the Home Show in Massachusetts 7-8 years ago. We have absolutely loved them!!!! Unfortunately, it is time to replace them as the wood is separating and the color has long ago faded. I went online looking to order the exact chairs and only found the ones on I thought that might be what we had so ordered them. What total garbage. Back they are going. I then had the brilliant idea to search the current chairs for a label - and finally found you.

So I'm checking to see if you might be attending any shows in Mass. in the near future, or if you might possibly have any upcoming sales we could take advantage of......

We have found the chairs super comfortable and durable (7-8 years??). The grandkids fight over them..... Thanks Kathy M

Over The Top Service
Joe - I appreciate your over the top service with my air chair! Thank you again for the exchange and accessories-also the extras. You were very generous and I appreciate your sending the cover. Look forward to using it all next summer! Best- Beth

My First Airchair!

I bought my first air chair perhaps 20-30 years ago at a Boston Home Show. As soon as I sat in it, I knew it was perfect for me. The quality of the materials and construction we’re two other things that I was impressed with. It is still in great condition!

My son in-law bought a knockoff air chair without knowing any better, and you can really tell the difference in quality. I have to say though, I do like the grommet at bottom of his chair which allows the rain water to drain out. I had often considered adding one to my own, but chose not to out of fear of jeopardizing the integrity of the fabric.

A few years ago, at another Boston Home Show, I came across your booth again! Since I had enjoyed your original chair so much, I decided to treat myself to your wicker lounger style chair with padded material. I was hoping it would be more in line with something my wife would enjoy and we could each have our own. Unfortunately, my wife is not as taken with hanging in the air as I am. She prefers the stability of something firmly on the ground.

That brings us to this last air chair purchase. I had overheard my second son in-law say to my daughter that he didn’t enjoy sitting in their colorful Belize net chairs because he could not kick back and put his feet up. So, within a few days, when my third Air Chair purchase arrives, that problem will be resolved.

I noticed in your online video, that you’re now including a small pillow. Nice! That wasn’t included with my original purchase. I know my daughter and son in-law will enjoy it when they read.

Thanks again for a quality product.

Love My Lounger!
Outdoor naps are REAL! So easy to let out the footrest, although I still have the hanging footrest to use for quick sits. Plus the whole thing just looks so darn cool! Thank you, AirChair! ...Andrea

Repeat Customer
Hi Joe, Thanks for your note... I'm a repeat customer and love the air chair! I'm glad to be a supporter of your business and speak very highly of your products... I tell just about everyone I know that they should buy one or even two! I hope the pandemic turns around soon, and we can all go back to normal. Take good care, Christine

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