Back for More
This was the 6th chair we bought and we are always treated with respect and we will be back to purchase more .. Best chairs EVER!!!

Love My Lounger!
Outdoor naps are REAL! So easy to let out the footrest, although I still have the hanging footrest to use for quick sits. Plus the whole thing just looks so darn cool! Thank you, AirChair! ...Andrea

Quality First

Hi Joe, I believe we purchased 2 deluxe wood loungers from you at the Home Show in Massachusetts 7-8 years ago. We have absolutely loved them!!!! Unfortunately, it is time to replace them as the wood is separating and the color has long ago faded. I went online looking to order the exact chairs and only found the ones on I thought that might be what we had so ordered them. What total garbage. Back they are going. I then had the brilliant idea to search the current chairs for a label - and finally found you.

So I'm checking to see if you might be attending any shows in Mass. in the near future, or if you might possibly have any upcoming sales we could take advantage of......

We have found the chairs super comfortable and durable (7-8 years??). The grandkids fight over them..... Thanks Kathy M

Service & Warranty
Quality Products with customer service and warranty!

Replacement Parts
I needed a replacement for a chair that broke. Service was friendly, quick and thorough

We Honor Warranties
Not all Airchairs are created equally, just as not all online companies when it comes to warranties. We honor our warranties and can be reached by one phone call.

Love The Loveseat!
Just got another! ...Debra

Patio Chair
This is the most comfortable patio chair I have ever sat in.

Ridiculously Comfortable!
Great for when my lower back is in pain, but then I do not want to get up! ...Billy

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